A Surprise Proposal in Rome: Love at Castel Sant’Angelo

A Surprise Proposal in Rome: Love at Castel Sant’Angelo

Even the most organized vacations can hold surprises, especially when love is involved. Conor and Aisling had their week in Rome planned down to the minute. But Conor had a secret plan—to propose to Aisling in one of Rome’s most beautiful spots.

Conor reached out to me to capture the moment. With Aisling’s schedule in hand, we picked the perfect spot: the Bridge of Castel Sant’Angelo, conveniently on their way to the Vatican.

On the big day, I waited on the bridge. When Conor and Aisling arrived, Conor stopped her to take some pictures. As she admired the view, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Aisling’s joy-filled “Yes” echoed across the bridge, marking the start of their next adventure together. In that moment, amidst the ancient beauty of Rome, their love story found its perfect beginning

Rome symbolic wedding ceremony  at Colosseum

Rome symbolic wedding ceremony at Colosseum

Courtney and Tanner’s intimate vow renewal in Rome with a Colosseum as a backdrop. Simplicity of the ceremony, with just the two of them and an officiant, elevated the significance of the moment, resulting in timeless, emotion-filled photographs.

Maternity photography session in Rome

Maternity photography session in Rome

Capture the essence of your journey into motherhood amidst Rome’s timeless beauty. Our maternity photography sessions, set against the backdrop of iconic locations, offer 1-2 hours of cherished moments. Choose between the enchanting early morning or the golden hues of sunset. Maternity dresses available for added elegance. Book now!


Sunrise Engagement photo session in Rome

Sunrise Engagement photo session in Rome

Christine& Jusper, gorgeous couple from USA came to Rome to celebrate their engagement.

So we made an amazing engagement photoshoot in the center of Rome. Here are some pictures of their love story photo session. Hope you will enjoy watching them and don’t hesitate to book your own Rome elopement photoshoot with your Rome photographer.

And of course we started our photoshoot early in the morning in front of Trevi ! in the summer, the sun rises very early and this allows us to start a photo session before the fountain fills with tourists.


After Trevi Fountain we went to the Pantheon, it was still close for public (it opens at 9 am), so there were no people in the line in front.

After 10 minutes of walk we reached Capitoline Hill  to continue our photo session,  a georgeos view to Roman Forum.  And at the end we made a photoshoot at Colosseum.

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