Frequently Asked Questions about photoshoot in Rome

How far in advance do you book?

Usually between 3- 6 months in advance, but sometimes 1 year in advance. If I’m available, I might take a last-minute booking (a few days before the shooting date).  No matter where you are in your planning process, feel free to reach out!

When and how will I get my photos?

Within only 24-48 hours after your Rome photo shoot, you’ll typically receive an online proofing link to view your entire gallery. The link includes all photos from your session in unedited, screen-optimized (low resolution) format;

You’ll select your favorite photos and email me at when you made your selections. The sooner you make your selections, the faster we can get started with the editing process and return the photos to you. Once the images are finished, I will email you with a link to download the high-resolution photos. Turnaround time ranges from 3-6 weeks depending on the season, but I try very hard to get everyone’s photos delivered within 2-3 weeks.  It is possible to have express editing (2-3 days)  + 30% of photo shooting price.

The digital images will be in high resolution, will not have watermarks.

How do you edit the photos?

Post-production will be applied on every photo delivered. This involves contrast enhancing, colours improvement, skin retouching for portrait photos. I don’t modify your body silhouette, change sky colour or correct wrong make-up, hair or grabby clothes, do not removing wallets, phones, outfit indentations, or anything from your pockets, do not clone a body part, such as eyes, etc. from a similar photo to a different photo.

Additional editing (eg., body slimming) can be requested for additional charge. 

What is the best time for photoshoot in Rome?

The best time for  photography in Rome is at sunrise. Sunrise sessions are especially good for the glowy, soft light, few people out.  Thus, during the summer we start at 7AM and in winter at 9 AM.

How to dress?

Your Rome pictures will last a lifetime. So you want to look your best. Planning your outfits isprobably the most fun but important thing to do.

Matching photoshoot outfits are important. You have to be on the same wavelength with your partner. So both your styles are important.

I always recommend sticking to neutral and pastels colors. try to avoid bright and fluorescent colors; it’s very distracting in the pictures.

Flowy dress will always look nice with the wind. We can create impressive photos with the wind blowing and a flowly dress; it adds energy and movement to the image.

 Ladies, if you choose to wear heels for your session, bring a pair of easy-on-easy-off comfortable shoes that you can slip into as we travel between locations.

Can I change outfits during my session?

Yes, within any package, however it is included in your session time, so I recommend  to have no more than 1 outfit per hour. Be ready to use different places to change clothes. Usually you change in public restrooms, go in a cafe and have a drink, so that you can use their restroom to change, or change in the streets in some hidden place. 

What to bring to the photo shoot in Rome?

First of all, you should bring your smile and fun energy. It shows in the photos and you’ll feelbetter having fun. Please bring only minimal belongings with you. This way you don’t have to worry about where you put your stuff down and you’ll move faster from one spot to another optimizing photography coverage. A pair of comfortable shoes is a great idea to change from your gorgeous stilettos and walk comfortably from one location to another.

We recommend props that help you blissfully connect, distract you from camera awareness, and support the fun-factor.Props that almost always work well in Rome include Champagne, flowers, hats, confetti poppers, and balloons.

If you’d like assistance in organizing props, just let us know and we will put you in touch with the local experts.

What happens if it rains on the day of our photoshoot in Rome?

I always check the weather in Rome carefully during the previous days before the photoshoot, and I always try to reschedule (before or after the original date) and find an alternative date in case of rain, given your and my schedule. If we cannot make it, I will happily refund you.

At the same time, some light rain is not a problem and I always try to work around light rain, an overcast sky means no squinting as well as no unflattering shadows and reflections. At the same time it can be a good exuse for an empty Rome. By the way, in case it rains, I recommend bringing a cute umbrella for your session that you don’t mind getting photos with (I do not provide umbrellas). What is more romantic than a couple under an umbrella in Rome?!


Do you have a contact of make-up artist, wedding planner ecc ?

Yes ! I’m in contact with professionals in Rome for whose you may require the services : make-up artist, officiant or celebrant, wedding planner, videographer, flowers, balloon.


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