Jordan reached out about wanting to surprise his girlfriend friend Jessica with a proposal while on their first trip together to Rome & thought that Belvedere of Villa Borghese would make the perfect backdrop! ⁣
Terrazza del Belvedere is located in Villa Borghese Garden just in 5 minutes from Spanish Steps. With its amazing views it is one of the best location if you are thinking to see the whole Rome panorama view. It is great spot for surprise marriage proposal in Rome.

That weekend was one of the busiest so far this year and there were lot’s of tourists enjoying the view, so, as we agreed, Jordan waited for the moment when the central point of the terrace became free from people,and then he dropped down to one knee while Jussica was taking photos of the panorama!⁣ it was a very emotional moment! And Jessica said Yes! ⁣
Everything just aligned so perfectly & we were so blessed with beautiful  sunshine colors!!! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me, & for the amazing adventure that was this day! Cheers to the two of you!!! 

I have so many photos to share, and here are a few that I got to first. Congratulations, Jordan& Jessica! ❤️


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